CHARDY BALDOZA is a 21 years old Beki, Story-teller and Blogger taking up BS Development Communication at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, Laguna. He enjoys eating, traveling, taking photos of anything under the sun and writing about whatever goes into his mind. He lives mainly in Quezon City but stays at UPLB for school on weekdays and dreams of living in Pars, France.

Chardy makes everything an adventure. Together with his bffs — the Honeybees, Style Blogger bestie Rayven and his family, Chardy will show you the places that he’s been to, the food that he loves and the little things that each and everyone of us should appreciate but usually forget.

Also an avid fan of Comics—whether DC or Marvel, Anime and Manga (Especially One Piece) and Video Games. I’m a geek!



Baldyosa.com (soon) will show you countless photos of food, islands, cities, things and people that are beautiful and colorful. Some posts would be about Chardy’s thoughts and dreams while some are reviews of restaurants, movies, articles and products. The Blog is mainly focused on travel, food and photography but as Chardy is as spontaneous as he is, you are never really sure what is coming up next.

Make the world a better place by encouraging love, art and passion.

Check out Chardy’s Instagram and Twitter @ BALDYOSA