Burbles and Murmurs – What we think when our minds wander

Burbles and Murmurs – What we think when our minds wander

(Disclaimer – This post is of wild thoughts and of senseless ramblings. Don’t waste your time reading this. But if you do, I would love you forever.)

Whenever I feel a little lonely, I look up to the skies and think about all these silly things that would obviously never happen for me. I would think about money bearing plants and if ever the trees surrounding me could reach the moon and take me there. I would think about aliens and how weird it is that they still haven’t made contact with us (if ever they really exist) or if they did and why no one is talking about it. I think about the woman walking in front of me who was rushing and who seemed to be feeling bad about something because of the frown she was wearing. What was she thinking about? Why was she rushing? Is she in trouble? Should I ask her? I don’t think I’ll ever know. Maybe, I didn’t really care or maybe I did.

I walk more and I see all these people big and small, male and female, who have their own separate lives, not caring about anyone who isn’t a priority. Not caring about the people who was passing them by, not caring about the different vehicles honking by the side, not caring about me. 

Me, who was with them at that same area, breathing the same air, smelling the same scent of the wind. Me, who was busy thinking about what other people were thinking about. Do you think that I was creepy? Just standing there staring at them? Looking at people and thinking about what they’re thinking about? 

I stop and sit on a nearby bench and I open my phone’s camera and take pictures of what I was seeing. I see people lining up for ice cream at a dirty Ice cream cart, I see people waiting for cabs. I see kids running around holding their toys and their parents pursuing them, making sure they don’t get into trouble. I wish there would always be someone taking care of us, someone to make sure we don’t get in trouble, that we don’t get hurt, but life doesn’t work that way. We grow up and part of growing up means being able to handle ourselves — Being able to survive on our own. I wonder who *the hell* ever made up a rule like that. Do we grow up so that we could take care of ourselves or do we take care of ourselves to grow up? Is it selfish to wish for someone to take care of us? To protect us? 

I laugh because it’s funny how people are always thinking about themselves and what they need. I laugh more because I remembered I was one of them — who doesn’t want the best for themselves right? Who doesn’t prioritize their own needs? I look back again at those kids playing around. They’re fighting now, I guess because of one of the kids didnt wanna share his toy. How sad. Fighting over a toy. When countries and leaders fight over power, riches and lands. I wonder, how significant am i? How irrelevant are my problems? How much do I matter for someone living in spain? I dont.  

And then I get a text from a friend about something that was interesting and everything that I was busy thinking about the past few minutes vanished like the sun on a sunset. Never to be known by others, never to matter.

What about you? What do you do when you feel a little blue? Are you just like me? I really hope so.

Let’s converse. Hit me with your comments/questions/rants down at the comments section. I’ll be waiting! 🙂

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  1. I’m a busy mom with two kids, I always make sure to protect them no matter what ,because that’s the fact that I don’t have when I was a child, I’m not raced in a well built family if I may say, I had times when I think of someone would have taken care of me, but as the times pass as I look back, I saw that I have a big God always making ways to provide, love and cared for me through different people whom He send in my life. I have a big Father in heaven, so the longing to have a physical parents on earth doesn’t bother me anymore, I have the greatest Father.

  2. When I feel blue.. It depens. There are different things. Usually I listen to music. But when I’m mad, or frustrated, I tend to walk around and just think a lot. Repeat conversations in my head. Or think about solutions. I liked the way you looked around you on the streets. We rarely notice everything that happens around us.

  3. When I feel blue, I’d usually grab a pen and paper and start scribbling or would go back to my first love which is my piano and play. If ever that those are unavailable, I’d just get my laptop and binge watch on anything I can access. Sometimes, I tweak my blog or just go for a swim. In some cases, I’d play with my dogs and share why I’m feeling blue and wait for them to hug me. It’s weird but I feel that they understand me. 🙂

  4. When I’m alone, I tend to do people watching just like what you described too. 😀 I give you a big like and hug because you have the courage to publish stuff like this. I have a lot of draft posts like this in my blog but I never seem to have the courage to publish them hahahaha! #HowToBeYouPo 😀 hope that you get over the point of being blue after a bout of people watching!

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