Broken Hearts and Moving on

Broken Hearts and Moving on

Butterflies everywhere

You wake up one day and you realize that you’ve fallen in love. He was dashing, like the ones on television; the captain of the basketball team, Mr. Face of the night at your junior year’s prom. Every girl would swoon and sigh whenever he walks down the hallway and above all else, he could sing. It was like he was taken straight out of your favorite dystopian novels and you just can’t seem to get enough.

It was as if he was taken straight out of those chick flicks that you and your best friends would love to watch on a rainy Monday with all the chips and ice cream and accompanied by the latest album of one of your favorite boy bands. You’ve seen all of his photos at least thrice and know every last girl who has left a comment on each one. You would wait for every single holiday just so you could send him a greeting. Even the slightest sound of his name would make your head tingle and your mind burn with passion.

Making the Move

A little push was all you needed to finally say hello (Oh, and a lot of encouraging from your BFFs). One thing led to another, and suddenly you were hanging out. You didn’t have to wait for a holiday anymore to send him a message and now you could view his photos without having to use your little brother’s account.

He would say hello every time he passes by you and you would hear all the other girls hiss and growl at you like jungle animals ready to attack. You’re friends now! Every little detail that made you love him before can now be enjoyed live via-satellite. You thought you could never ever like anyone as much as you like ice cream and bacon or Ross Geller from FRIENDS. You were wrong. Darling, you were very wrong.

Confession and Consequences

You were in love. . . . . At least, you thought you were.
Long story short, he broke your heart. And wow, he broke it real good. You’ve taken the courage to actually tell him how you feel. Stupid, yes but you would rather let him know, than spend more hours waiting for him to actually look at you for real. Sadly, he doesn’t feel the same. All those nights spent on dreaming about your epic love story and dedicating love songs for him would turn to tweeting movie lines from “One More Chance” and “Starting Over Again.
Your Facebook chat is full of sessions with your friends on how “He doesn’t deserve you” or “It’s his loss, girl”, or all those consolation prize answers, ready to give to someone with a broken heart. Your life was so much better when he wasn’t around, you keep on telling yourself — you were actually okay with just giving love advice to your girl friends, but there he goes, making you fall in love with him, making you believe in happy endings and then suddenly cutting you off. You assumed too much, and girl, trust me, we all did. WE. ALL. DID.

Moving on

A few weeks later…. (Of sobbing, hating and mending)
You wake up one day and everything has changed. He was still unbelievably attractive, he could still sing and yes, he was still the man of your dreams. But unlike before, there was this strong feeling that it would never be the same. The story of your life, it goes on. You are still the Queen and everything still revolves around your life (At least, in your perspective). And of course he is still the Prince Charming, witty and good with his words, white horse and sword unsheathed, obviously beating all the other princes from every kind of fairy tale imaginable — but you just have to accept that he wasn’t your prince, not in this fairy tale, and there’s nothing to do but accept that.
Maybe the timing was off, maybe he just wasn’t sure, maybe in a year or so we could be together. Maybe I’m just thinking too much, maybe I’m pretending to be okay.

Getting your heart broken sucks. And having to think about maybes and other endless possibilities suck even more, especially if they would never ever come true. But what to do? We all go through these, we all get our hearts broken because if we don’t, then we would never learn how to stand up and live on. All the broken pieces were meant to teach us a lesson, whether we have to be careful who we share our hearts with or simply know how to love ourselves. You may have lost the boy but the memories, the lessons and the love you recieved will always be there to strenghten you and keep you going.

Remember: It gets better, whether it be in a month, a year or ten, it will be better. Just you wait dear.

Have you ever gotten your heart broken? If you have, share it with us and tell us what it taught you. Cheers!

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Love, Chardy ❤️

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  1. Yes, I have, no matter the times it will be hard every single time, this is one of those things where experience does not make a difference. You know that time will help but the first weeks are hard.

    Maybe things happen for a reason, maybe it is for a better result in the end, who knows but I think that it is better to be in love and be hurt that never love someone.

  2. What a lovely written post, nice to read and flowed really well.
    I can relate to the highs and lows that were mentioned too.
    It indeed does get better, all we can do is out best and that’s more than enough.

  3. Love hurts. My boyfriend of nearly 6 years broke up with me a few days after Christmas back in 2013 and it hurt dreadfully. I lost a lot of weight and barely slept.
    A few months later and I met someone else and soon learnt that I had wasted a lot of time with my ex. Love hurts but is it a risk worth taking as the pay-off is something marvellous.

  4. I love the way you write. I am pretty sure you could easily write some real good short stories, and I am sure I would keep reading it. 🙂

  5. You do a great job capturing the ups and downs of romantic infatuation! It feels so good when everything is going smoothly, but when it goes wrong it feels like the world is over. Of course I’ve had my heart broken, but I think the best thing is to have a lot going on in your life so one person doesn’t end up meaning the whole world to you.

    1. You’re right about that stella! The more you gave to do and focus on, the more your mind stays away from all the hurt and the pain. Love sucks when the only thing it gives you are bitterness. 🙁 Thanks for reading girl! 😘

  6. Yes!! Definitely!! Spent so many nights crying over that infatuation that you know won’t last. Unrequited love, they say, but still you hold on knowing that someday he might notice you. But it didn’t change anything. He’s still my first love even if he won’t notice me, and he doesn’t know it though. 🙁

    1. I know how you feel. >:D< Broken hearts make us strong so I hope, no matter how hard and painful it was, you were able to learn something from it. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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