Amor Bakery : sBread your love – Katipunan Branch

Amor Bakery : sBread your love – Katipunan Branch

1. Nothing pains me more than going to my favorite coffee shops (To study for hell week, duh) and finding out that there are no more tables available for me. 2. Worst : Waiting 5 – 10 minutes hoping for someone to leave but getting your heart broken because no one does. 3. Worst than worst : Moving on and finding out that your back-up favorite cafe is ALSO full and no one has plans on making you study. 

Do you give up and not study? NO. You visit Amor Bakery.

If you’re tired of the usual hustle and bustle of Starbucks, CBTL and other coffee shops then boy, do I have news for you. 

Amor Bakery, as shown on the pictures below, has space for your whole lecture class. (Just kidding, but really, it’s so big.) Located at 297 Katipunan Avenue, Loyala Heights, Quezon city (They have branches also at Mindanao Ave, Binondo, Ongpin.) has 2 floors filled with tables, couches and areas conducive for your next alone-time studying or “Inarte”. 

I fell in love. And I know you will too, especially with this branch in Katipunan that recently Grand Launched the start of October.

Here are 3 Things I love about the Katipunan Branch.

1. The Instagram – Worthy Interior.

You cannot miss this. Their heavily thought of design is prevalent even outside the place. It becomes even more appealing inside, especially when you see all the lamps, chandeliers and book cases. (I looked really weird, taking photos of every part of the place.)

Every side is worth the shot, as each area has a different story. Tables and chairs are not similar in design and every table has a lamp and a chandelier to light up your world. (LOL)
and hey, the comfort rooms are funky too. (And also have chandeliers) 

2. Their Menu ( Food especially their Bread and Coffee.)

Imagine French Baker topped with Statbucks Coffe but better.

Wasn’t able to try everything but I’ll make sure to come back for more. Definitely going back for the cakes!

In the meantime, I got myself a taste of their Bread with spicy floss and the one with almonds and a large serving of Caramel Macchiato.

PS: Take outs are available and you don’t actually have to stay there to enjoy their delicious meals.

What about the costs? 

– Medium to Pricey.

Bread and Coffee are priced relatively the same as other coffee shops and bakeries. I found their bread cheaper and more satisfying tbh. (But hey, Try for yourself.)

3. The Ambiance

Yup. We have found it folks. No need to worry about studying as almost everyone who’s inside are busy with their workload/acads/org work and are too consumed with their laptops to even make noise. Ofcourse, we can’t really stop anyone from talking or making any noise as this is a public place but trust me when I say that, you wouldn’t really hear them as the place is really wide and their “fancy playlist” is balancing the sounds enough to help you focus on what you have to do. Productivity = Check!

You’re surely going to finish a lot of work here as the place is also OPEN from 7AM to 12 MN. No stress with hearing staff announcing last orders or closing time. 
CONCLUSION : Perfect for your next study session or for dates. (With your loved one or yourself)

Alas, because the branch had only opened early October, the place still do not have WIFI available for their customers. Cons – No access to the net and won’t be able to uplaod your gorgeous selfie. Pro – More time to study, less distraction and hey, more reasons to interact or chat with your friends without being distracted by your phones. Good thing is you asked me. 🙂


Interior – 10/10

Ambiance – 10/10

Food – 8/10 (Because I haven’t tried everytying yet.)

Price – 7/10 (Because of expensive coffee, but bread and cake prices are good.)

Space + Comfort – 10/10

Instagram Worthy Photos – 10/10

There you have it! I hope you found the place as lovely as I did and I hope you check them out! Nothing beats having to check out a place and being able to write about the experience. How exciting! 

Visit Amor Bakery’s Social media ccounts @ amor.bakery on Instagram and AmorBakery @

Thanks for dropping by! You should go visit the place and rate it for youself. In the meantine, you can go to the comment section below ⬇️ if you have any questions, concerns or stories you wanna share. Happy Blogging! 

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  1. They also have a branch in the Espana area (near UST). 😉 And yeah, this spot brings back memories; the spot Amor Bakery occupies now used to be that old Mushroomburger that closed a few years ago. 🙁

  2. The place does look really good. I just don’t know if I could “study” well there with the dim light and all. But I do like their interiors based on the photos you posted. I think I’d like to do some prenup shoots there too. There’s just a lot of backgrounds to play with. By the way, how was their coffee? Did you try them?

  3. I totally love the place. The ambience and lights are just what I would look to keep around me usually. It definitely doesn’t seem like a place where I could do anything other than relaxation.

  4. Looks like you have everything covered. I have two questions, though. Before I get to that, let me say the interior decor is beautiful. It does set the right tone for a coffee shop. So, here are my questions. 1. Do they have an outdoor setting? 2. Do they have quick and reliable internet?

  5. I can totally relate to that feeling of not having the RIGHT coffee shop. I used to have no internet at home, so I’ve tried lots of em. I get disappointed with the Wifi connection, the food and the ambience. Looks like Amor Bakery is a good choice!

  6. I know of Amor Bakery. I used to work as the boss’ secretary in a construction company and we were actually the ones who did the interior for one of their branches. Not this one, but the one in Binondo, Manila. I personally haven’t tried their breads though. Not really a fan of breads. 😉

  7. I love how you started this post with hugot lines! It’s quite funny! Anyway, I love coffee myself but I don’t really hang out at coffee shops. I always order my coffee to go. Haha! I love the ambiance of Amor Bakery though, if only it’s near my place, I’ll surely drop by!

  8. This looks like the perfect place to study or work. I love the ambiance. I would definitely be able to get some work done there. And I love caramel latte! Love the food as well. I can always eat bread.

  9. What a quirky but pretty cafe.. I wish I can visit this place I know I would be taking dozens and dozens of pictures here.. love the deer decorations and those cakes look pretty cool… I spotted a sexy bikini cake also… hahahaha

  10. That’s a pretty big coffee shop! Two floors and all those Instagram worthy nooks. Luckily, I’m not a coffee drinker so I guess the prices will fly for me. It’s good to go offline once in awhile so the real question is who can you bring to make the time well worth it!

    1. I agree! Places without wifi would always be fun and worthwhile if you’re with amazing and makulit friends. I believe that not everything should be posted online for other people to see. Whats the fun in that right? If everyone knows what you’re doing? 🙂

    1. OMG Same! Caramel Macchiato is love! Their macchiato is almost the same as sbs, so I wouldn’t really recommend. Maybe you can try another drink. And yes! Very instagrammable! Worth the travel time. 🙂

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