Photo Walk: The Beautiful city of Sorsogon

Photo Walk: The Beautiful city of Sorsogon

You can never really know the beauty of a place until you have been there and had seen it for yourself. Pictures and videos are not enough to capture how amazing the location is — it must be experienced, it must be felt. This is what I had proven last Friday, September 16, 2016, when me and 22 other students from the College of Development Communication, UPLB had traveled to the city of Sorsogon, Bicol for an academic requirement and also for us to be exposed to the things happening in the “outside world” of our University, and for our Participatory Journalism class.


Getting there:

We started our journey to Sorsogon city by first riding a rented Jeepney from the UPLB Campus to the DLTB Station at the Turbina Terminal. We arrived there at 6PM and left immediately as traffic was already worsening and the travel duration was 10-12 hours. The DLTB bus was comfortable, aside from the horrific and bloody movies being shown on the TV screen, the travel was a breeze. No hassle, no problems! #ThanksDLTB.

We had a total of 3 Bus stops: One at Tagbilao Quezon, the next at Camsur and the last, at Naga City Bus Terminal. At 4 AM we arrived at Sorsogon City and headed immediately to Novotel (Thanks Novotel!) to rest.


The Purpose of our Visit

Our trip, because of the amount of work and requirement that we had to do, had very few chances to visit tourist attractions. The areas that we covered are mainly located at the Sorsogon City proper and sadly, we did not have the chance to visit the famous tourist destinations here like: The Donsol Whale sharks attractions, Bulusan Mountains and Volcano, Barcelona Historical Churches and the Irosin Hot springs.

But nonetheless, me being an avid fan of beautiful locations and amazing food, still had the opportunity to take snapshots of the amazing city of Sorsogon and all the fun things you can see here. Below are the photos that I took while touring the city of Pili Nuts.

The locals, enjoying the windy breeze at the Capitol park.
A wider view of the park.
The Majestic Government of Sorsogon City Building.
The Sorsogon City Hall. Beautiful right?
Jose Rizal’s Statue. Erected at the center of the Capitol park.
Sorsogon City’s Welcome Ark.

Quick Trip # 1 – Rompeolas, Sorsogon City

Just a few meters of walking or less than 5 minutes tricycle ride from the city is the popular family destination in Sorsogon, the Rompeolas. Buzzing with families, children playing and lovers holding hands, the Rompeolas is a place where people, young and old alike visit to refresh and relax. Families take their time strolling the long street filled with food stores, restaurants, grills and karaoke spots. Visitors can also see the view of the sea, the nearby islands and ofcourse, the enormous MT. Bulusan (The volcano that erupted while we were at the place). If you’re into eating street food and Pancit while enjoying the sea breeze, then the Rompeolas should be on your bucket list.

Friends riding a motorbike around the Rompeolas. (Tried taking silhouettes)
The large Pili Nut statue that is at the center of the place.
Small boats nearby.
The scenery.
Blurred lines
This is where visitors hang out. There are more around the place.
The View of the Mountain.

Quick Trip #2 – Paguriran Island, Bacon, Sorsogon City

As a reward for completing all the class tasks for the day, our adviser, rewarded us with an unforgettable visit to the beach. The place was beautiful. No words can truly capture and describe the island of Paguriran. The resort had no entrance fee, this means that everyone can enter and swim at the place. However, the cabins and cottages have to be rented. Ours was 200php for the whole stay. There were a few shops nearby and a canteen was located at the entrance, this is where our team had rice cooked.


The beach was the best part of our whole trip. The sands were white and clean, the water was  clear and cold. Not one of my classmates were able to resist swimming at the beach.

Also, Take note that the time you visit the island is really crucial as the high tide and low tide drastically changes the views of island. We arrived at the time when high tide was hapening, so we weren’t able to see much of the rocky island exterior and the much talked about land bridge that you can walk at to get to the island when there is a low tide. The place is crawling with Instagram-worthy shots and locations so you better charge your gadgets first before you visit.

My classmates, crossing  the beach to the Island of Paguriran.
The serene atmosphere of the beach.


The huts that surrounds the beach and the visitors.

Blurred image that focuses on the lining of the clouds.

To end

Over-all, the trip to Sorsogon city was filled with educational and recreational activities that marked me and changed my perspective so much. The place not only has remarkable destinations for tourists, their food is also worth every penny (To be blogged about soon).

I am definitely going back here as there are still many places in Sorsogon that are raving in reviews from tourists that I have to see for myself. What about you? Do you know any tourist destination is Sorsogon that you would like to share with us? Or do you have any inquiries about my experience/adventure?

Hit me up with your kwento/comment/questions below! <3

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Photos are great memories, but they can never really give you the experience you need or let you actually feel the place you’re visiting (in this case looking at).

  2. Great travel. Pity you didn’t have the time to visit the big touristic attractions. But you managed to take quite some amazing photos. Glad you did get the chance to see a few things and make some amazing photos. Paguriran Island looks great.

  3. Your photos make me feel like I’ve been there too…Well, a little bit, because as you said…You can never really feel the real beauty of a place until you’ve been there yourself. Nice post. Look forward to reading more.

  4. Haven’t been to Sorsogon yet but I heard that the place is indeed beautiful. I think there are lovely beaches there which is one thing that people like to see. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of Sorsogon!

  5. I am in the Philippines now in Manila for a conference next weekend. We have been looking for other places to visit and this is now on the list of places to go. We are still getting over a cold from the Nepal trek and cant wait to get out of the city to see more special places like this. Thanks for the new spot.

  6. I’m in love with the Bicol Region! I recently went there for Caramoan Islands. It’s so breathtakingly beautiful and exotic. I can’t wait to backpack the rest of the region!

  7. Thank you for sharing your Sorsogon experience. You should have visited the Bulan, Sorsogon, and the beaches nearby. Foods are indeed fantastic 😀


  8. Oh wow the beaches loom beautiful! And I love those huts. I actually hadn’t heard of this place before so I’m glad I found you’re post 😄 Ree love30

  9. Sorgoson looks like an amazing place to explore! Agree, photos and videos are not enough to captures all the beauty of Sorgoson but they are enough to inspire us to visit this fantastic city! I’d love to be there one day! 🙂

  10. This seriously made me miss home. I live in Albay but mostly spend my time in the metro pursuing grad studies and doing some freelance work. You must try visiting Subic Island in Matnog, Sorsogon if you want to really do island hopping plus visit the surfing camp there (I forgot the name). Hope you get to see Bulusan lake next time!

  11. HEY! Very nice post. It certainly brought back memories. My first job after I stopped going to college was to work for my dad. For six years, I go back and forth the Bicol Region. One week there, one week in Manila, and Sorsogon was one of the places I visit. From the photos, the main city has not really changed that much except for a few new buildings.

  12. Sorsogon looks like a wonderful place! Even though you weren’t able to visit the tourist spots, you get to experience the local life! And did I read that right? The volcano erupted while you were there? I haven’t experience staying in any place with a volcano eruption. The movies that show these scenes usually exaggerate them but I’m pretty curious if there were any incidents. The beach is awesome btw. 😉

  13. Never been to Sorsogon before but this is definitely in my bucket list. Planning to do a road trip there next year and explore the beaches and the hot springs. Glad to see some photos of Sorsogon in your blog.

  14. Aw Sorsogon! It’s in my bucket list and your photos makes me feel that I was there too hihi. There are a lot of beautiful spots in Sorsogon that everyone should visit, hope I would visit the place 💕

  15. Nice to see someone feature a province from my region, Bicol! You should really go back and perhaps visit the tourist spots in Sorsogon (or in any other province in the said region). I tell you, it will not disappoint! I have always been proud of being a Bicolana and the Bicol region itself. 🙂

  16. I thought Camarines Sur was further than Naga City, so I was surprised that Naga City was the last destination. OMG! I’m appalled with myself for getting locations wrong as a travel blogger. Hahaha!

    Anyway, you did a GREAT job with your photos. It certainly hyped me up for my upcoming trip to Sorsogon and Legazpi on Oct. 17. I want a photo with that Pili Nut statue. Will share my trip after. Hope you can check for when you return to Sorsogon 🙂

  17. Combining work with tourism is the best thing ever. 🙂 Your pictures give a wonderful glimpse of Sorsogon City. The sculpture of Pili nut is excellent, hope to see the nut in real.

  18. I know you didn’t get to see all you wanted to see but from the photos I can still tell that it’s an incredibly beautiful place. Somewhere I’d love the visit someday. The beach looks especially beautiful and it’s great that you don’t have to pay unless you rent a hut. It seems like a lovely place to relax at the end of the day.

  19. Isn’t Sorsogon the place where you see the Butanding? I haven’t really been there but based on the photos, the place looks very untouched. There may be huts but the place is not very busy. It’s been 3 years since I was able to dive into the beach and the water there is pretty inviting. It would have been a great treat too if you saw some Butanding hehe.

    1. Yes! The place hasn’t been developed much but I’m guessing in a few years it will. The beach was amazing and i’m sure it wont be long until some big tycoon finds out about it. :)) I sadly wasn’t able to visit the butanding! But i’m definitely coming back!

  20. I have never beento Sorsogon but it looked like a very laid back town and I like it. It reminded me of my hometown which is as laid back as on this post. I like how you capture your photos making the story genuine as it look. just gave me an idea of something to blog next time I travel. 🙂

  21. I like taking photos that would depict a place’s history, culture, and beauty. Your post shows all that. I’ll add Sorsogon to my list of local destinations!

  22. I only know Sorsogon for it’s butandings. I didn’t even know that pili nuts are from there. I thought it’s the whole Bicol’s specialty. I’ve wanted to go a Bicol adventures soon and I’ll definitely include this place. The beach is so serene and the town looks so peaceful. The escape you really needed after months in the toxic city.

  23. I agree that no number of pictures or words can do justice to the actual experience. Living the moment is on a different level altogether. Having said that your photos have captured very well the landscapes of the city as well as the beautiful island and its beaches.

  24. I agree, the city hall is indeed pretty. I haven’t been to any photo walks, I bet participating in one would really improve my photography skills. Thanks for giving me the idea, and goodluck on your studies! 🙂

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