Sleepless, yet full of hope

It’s been 3 days of less than 4 hours of sleep, endless written reports, exams and general assemblies. College students weren’t kidding when they said hell weeks could literally kill you. (PS: There really was a person who died from too much work and not enough sleep.) Caffeine, in every form whether it be coffee or energy drinks have gotten through my veins, possibly flowing with my blood or worse replacing it. It’s utterly ridiculous and very much impossible but darling, what if? I’m actually surprised about not having been sent to the hospital yet, then I remembered, “We’re in college now, we can’t afford to get sick. Only death is an acceptable excuse.”
I am not sure when I last had the chance to think about my future, my life or what’s going to happen. If there’s something you must know about me, it’s that I’m not the thinker type. I’ve never looked beyond the time frames of today and the next day or week. But the more I brisk through these papers, these “academic requirements”, the more I feel the need to reconsider my decisions. Questions like: “Do I really need to write this paper?”, “How long will I have to endure studying?”, I even thought about grave ones like, “Do I really need to graduate?”, “Will I be successful even if I do not possess a degree?”

Each time I feel the struggles of school works I get the urge to just let everything go, leave and travel the world, maybe fall in love. But alas, we all know that in my current status, letting go will never be an option. No matter how much I may want to, I still have my obligations and responsibilities and I’m not planning on disregarding them any time soon.

So how do I go on? How do I plan to relieve this feeling of burning out? #BurnedOut

The answer, darling, is right in front of you.  What you are already reading is my answer to my aching heart. Funny to some maybe but writing could actually calm my soul and fuel my creativity. I may have lost a few (make that a lot) hours of sleep and my brain may have exploded from too much stress but one thing is for sure,

-> I may be tired, sleepless or transitioning into a zombie but I am still full of hope. And may that hope continue on fueling my creativity and passion so that whenever I feel the urge to let go, I’ll log on to WordPress and write my heart out.

Here’s a hug to each and every one of us who are feeling unsure and confused about their lives, just remember this little quote I got from a friend, “Everything is temporary, It gets better.”

Sweet dreams!
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5 Replies to “Sleepless, yet full of hope”

  1. That’s just a phase. 🙂 You’ll miss studying once you start to work. The holidays, free money, lesser responsibilities. If I’d be given a chance to study again, I will grab it.

    On the other hand, I also know the feeling of being unsure in life. That’s why I started blogging anyway. We’ll get through this! Hopefully blogging will help you!

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