5 Things I Learned from my Strong Mother

To all the mother’s boys, mommy’s princesses and everyone who has a love/hate relationship with your mommas, this post is for you. No, it’s not yet Mother’s day but hey, do you have to wait for that once in a year event to show how much you love your mom?
Right. Read on. ❤️

Whenever I find myself at the center of attention, may it be because of an award or an acknowledgement for something good I did, I often think about attributing the recognition to my mother. You know how, like whenever I get awarded medals, I would in an imaginary way think of the situation as me awarding the medal to my mother. (Is it just me or is that really a thing?) Most of you may agree with me when I say that, “wherever I am, whatever my title is or whatever recognition I get awarded with, it will always still lead back to my mother and what she had taught me. No matter how talented, how powerful and how famous you are, the one person to thank, for being able to get there is your mother. None other than her. (You can replace mother with father, grandfather, grand mother, uncle or aunt if this doesn’t suit your experience.)
I know there are times (I’m sorry but this is real mom) when they’re annoying, sometimes controlling and most of the time judgmental of your choices, your friends and that Friday night out outfit you’re so eager to wear and look miserable in, but aren’t they just looking out for us? Trying to prevent us from making the same mistakes they did or have heard from other amigas? There may be times when they really wouldn’t make any sense but trust me when I tell you that, sooner or later you’re going to realize how correct your mother is and how stupid it is that you even got angry at her for giving you advice.
If you’re like me, who’s blessed to have such an amazing mother, here are the top 5 things I learned from a strong and independent mother.
1. “Nothing is wrong with over preparing. A bigger bag full of things you can use is better than a stylish one that doesn’t have any use.”
I would always find myself arguing with my mom about bringing an extra shirt, any kind of extra clothing, or umbrellas whenever I think I don’t need it and end up being regretful that I didn’t heed my mother’s advice. Call it a lucky guess or psychic powers but when I didn’t bring an umbrella to school just like what my mother advised, I ended up walking a thousand miles, soaking wet, going home. After that, even the extra underwear, I’m definitely sure would not be needed, has a space in any bag I bring.

2. Gratitude and appreciation goes a long way. Longer than the time it takes to pass through EDSA on a rush hour. Cultivate gratitude.

Mother always take the time to show appreciation to all the people who had helped us in anyway. May it be hired service or just genuine kindness, my mother had taught us to repay or appreciate those people in any way possible. This exchange in support and kindness creates a cycle of love that extends throughout time. Whenever in trouble, we could always find a friend or a past client to provide assistance to us. No hassle.

3. You may have all the friends and fans there is in the world but no one can be as honest and blunt to you than your mother can.

Yup. I have experienced those times when I feel like the prettiest, sexiest, the most attractive person in the world. Sporting my ripped jeans, floral polos and extremely heavy boots, I would hear my friends tell me how fashionable and cool I look. You would think that your mother would definitely approve of this. But no, definitely No. Not my mother. You may hate her for not supporting “who you are” and what your style is, (I know because I had and sometimes even now, we still fight about it) but maybe, just maybe take a look in the mirror and gauge closely if this is how you want to be seen. 50% yes you look fierce but is the other 50% catering to appropriateness and decency? Also, are you going to the church??? Because your family and friends may approve of that sexy chic look but everyone else may not be as understanding.

Anyway, point is, your mother would know what’s best for you. Maybe you can understand a little more if she gets angry at that metallic bra you’re wearing because it makes you look 1964 try-hard scifi film. Hey, Not everyone can understand art, at least you can right? Kudos to mom for telling you an honest, not jealous comment. She’s looking out for you.

4. No, does not mean “I’m not letting you because I’m not fun/I’m boring/I have no friends or I want you to be miserable.” No, is not some power trip. It’s worry and care.

There will be times when we get invited by friends to travel to far away places, hang out at like 3 in the morning with the coolest kids in the block or party all night and “yolo” the semester away. If you’re like me, who still values permission and yes, still ask for weekly allowances then you surely have experienced a devastating “No, you’re not allowed”. I don’t have anyway to make this look good or cool to you because hey, I hate it when my parent’s don’t allow me to join in on the fun but there really is a reason why. If you find it in your heart to actually listen to your mom/parents then you’d know they’re just worried about what may happen and the scary recent events that had happened to the place you’re planning on going to OR the amigas of manila have chika’d to your mom about the bad insects living in that place. Summary is, she’s not letting you go and there’s a lot of reasons for that. Not because she’s cruel or doesn’t have any friends. Chill!

5. “Papunta ka palang, pabalik na ako ng sampung beses” – Where Ever you’re going, I’ve been there and back ten times more. 
I’m not sure if that’s the right translation but what I’m trying to say is that, our mother’s have definitely been through a lot. This may be because of her age or because of all the different work she had to do. She has experienced so much and trust me when I tell you that she’s credible when she’s giving you advice about all the different things in your life. You may heed or advice or not. I know, I’ve been through times when I don’t listen to her and I follow my own decisions. It’s wonderful, knowing you can do whatever you want and follow your own choices but there were times when I wished I followed her and what she had to say instead. Maybe things would have been better for me. Our mothers may not always be right, but they’re surely looking out for us, for you. If ever you find yourself wanting to disobey your mom or just ignore her warnings., think twice. Why would she even give effort to scold you? Is it for her or is it for you?
Who you are right now, what you’ve been doing or thinking, half of it or more may be because of who was there when you were growing up. Lucky for me, I have been with my mother for the 20 years that I’ve been alive. Call me a Mother’s boy and I would definitely wear the title with Honor. I’m thankful for my mom and everything I’ve learned, accomplished and experienced, I thank my mom for all of it. For who I am.

What about you? What are the things that you’re thankful to your mom for? How much has she influenced who you are? Share it to us down at the comments section. Share this with your Mom and friends!
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  1. Love this <3 I have an amazing relationship with my mother too which took years to nourish and get to where it is. I truly am so blessed to have someone so patient and understanding as her so this really resonated with me!

  2. Amazing! This post made me envy you. I’m not blessed as you. I don’t have that kind of amazing relationship with my mom! 😐 You’re so blessed.

  3. I grew up with Nanay (grandma) and I am thankful for her teaching us to be masinop, to always smile and to always extend kindness to people. My mami was also around but we are not as close. I do thank her for teaching me what I don’t want in life, which pushes me to persevere for my goals.

  4. My mom would always say that phrase, papunta ka pa Lang pa Balik Na Ako and I always reply Bakit Hindi Tayo nagkasalubong?
    I always believe in the saying Mommy knows best, I don’t know why but they have this instinct if the situation or person is good for us or not.
    I love my mom so much and I can sense how much you love yours with this post.

  5. It’s so awesome that you’re sharing this. I’m sure your mom is happy that you think her wisdom is worth sharing, and that you actually agree with her. I think the best one here is to come prepared. My mom keeps a stylish bag that bears everything I’ll ever need and more!

  6. I love this post, very inspiring… I can relate to no.5! Oftentimes i hear it not just from mom but with dad and titas! Especially when i was caught in doing something strange during my younger years, “papunta ka pa lang hija, ay pabalik na ako!” Hahaha! Mommy knows best 🙂

  7. Such a heartwarming post! Sure, moms are the best people on earth because they;ve been through a lot and they would always know what’s best for us!

    PS. Love all your photos! XX

  8. This is nice 🙂 I never truly appreciated my mom until I became a mom myself. You will really see them in a while different light. I have no truly realized how she is a strong amazing women, having brought us up by herself when my dad died.

  9. “You may have all the friends and fans there is in the world but no one can be as honest and blunt to you than your mother can.”

    That’s the line that struck me the most. My mom’s the only person that can say blunt things to me. Even if some could have the possibility of hurting, I can’t get mad. Even at my lowest point or highest, she can be really blunt and still can get away with it! Hahaha. But I so love my mom. So love this post!

  10. I am not too fond of my mother as she stumbled and she made a mess out of her life and mine and she still is making a mess out of her life. I m one of the unfortunate ones that have this sort of mother… and I had a bad childhood being abused. but I am still thankful that she brought me up her own way. Now I am a mother I can relate to all that your mom did as it is how I try to protect my kids as well, my way…and I have personally gone through the painful and hard way…..

  11. Gratitude and appreciation are such important things! I’m definitely going to install this into my children. With this you will be happy! Ree love30

  12. When i was years youngera, i hate my mom for being the too strict and i will fight for you till the end drama. She would hate who i hate and she would not allow me to sleep over or stay too late at night. She would call me if i am still not home. She is truly an overprotective mom. Now, i am a mom and i totaaly understand where is she coming from. I guess you need to experience it to fully understand everything.

  13. The wisdom and knowledge of a mom is quite annoying and amazing at the same time. It’s really annoying that they will tell us to “not do” something especially we really want to do something. We tend to think it’s because they’re just so untrusting. Now that I’m a parent myself, I can see where she’s coming from from all these things she didn’t want us to do.


  14. Loved to read this! Great post. I am very close with my mom. We often go shopping together and talk a lot. Even though I love on my own we e-mail every day and see each other at least 2 times a week.

  15. Our mothers really knows the best! I didn’t grow up with my mom. During my younger days. I spent most of my times with my grandparents. As I grow older, it was just recently that we are building connections and I’m thankful that it’s never too late that we are showing our love to each other 🙂

  16. Ayaw lang natin kasing mapagsabihan, kasi iniisip natin, malalaki na tayo at marunong na. Kaya ayaw natin na kinukulit, pero sa totoo lang, ang ginagawa ng isang ina para sa atin, no matter how kulit it seems, para sa atin at pagmamahal. Kaya tama ka, recognize your mom. Salute!

  17. Our mother is our bestfriend. She is the one whom we can put our 100% trust. Mothers always see the best in us, the brighter side of us. Whenever there is something wrong with us, even the smallest things like how we dress up, they will tell if it looks good on us or if it doesn’t. They care so much about us.

  18. Oh my, the 5th one! I’d always hear that from my mom, even now. I never appreciated her advice, until I became a mom as well. Though my son is only 2, most of my parenting style actually came from how I was raised, though sometimes I try my best to be consciously different from my mother.

    And in that note, one thing I learned from my mom is to be a good mom, and that is to do things with love.

    Nina Sogue | http://www.ninasogue.com

  19. Wonderful article about a mother. My mom is all I have now. My father died last 2015 and then, my youngest sister got married a year after my dad passed away. So it is always mom and I in our house. I can see my mom’s loneliness being alone most of the time in our house. I feel lonely at times. It is the reason that I decided that I will no longer take Saturday jobs so I can be with her during weekends. I love my mom and I hope that she will live a long life.

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