Practice Photo-shooting 

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I always thought that It would be difficult for me to ever pose and model in front of a photographer. And by photographer, I mean someone with a real camera, someone who knows how to really take the shot. Not like when your mom or dad takes a snap of you eating an ice cream or that one photo where you stood beside McDonald’s mascot. It was impossible, I told myself — not very confident with how I look and how much effort I needed in order to actually look good. This was how I acted whenever someone would even suggest going on a photo shoot. Gee, so much insecurity huh?

When 2016 came, I told myself that I would pursue anything that scared me. Everything that made me uncomfortable or afraid would be tackled. I wanted to grow and going out of my comfort zones is what I think would be the best way to do this. One of those were becoming a model for a photo shoot. Whenever I was a part of any photo shoots, my primary task would always be about logistics or make-up. I was always just behind the camera, and I was satisfied with that. But this time, I needed to try something new. To heck with how I looked, all I needed was to have fun and enjoy the moment.

Last 28 April 2016, my good friend and organization batch mate, who is also a member of the UP Photos, Mel Mabute agreed to be my photographer. We are really good friends and I believe that he would be able to guide me about the different poses I should do and of course be able to show my best sides.

Here’s how it turned out ->


In the end, it wasn’t like how I imagined it. It turned out so much better than being behind the scenes. I liked how everything was about me and how i looked. I’m happy I was able to try being a model for once. I suggest you guys try it too! Release the inner model in you and hey! You might just have what it takes!

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