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I always thought that It would be difficult for me to ever pose and model in front of a photographer. And by photographer, I mean someone with a real camera, someone who knows how to really take the shot. Not like when your mom or dad takes a snap of you eating an ice cream or that one photo where you stood beside McDonald’s mascot. It was impossible, I told myself — not very confident with how I look and how much effort I needed in order to actually look good. This was how I acted whenever someone would even suggest going on a photo shoot. Gee, so much insecurity huh?

When 2016 came, I told myself that I would pursue anything that scared me. Everything that made me uncomfortable or afraid would be tackled. I wanted to grow and going out of my comfort zones is what I think would be the best way to do this. One of those were becoming a model for a photo shoot. Whenever I was a part of any photo shoots, my primary task would always be about logistics or make-up. I was always just behind the camera, and I was satisfied with that. But this time, I needed to try something new. To heck with how I looked, all I needed was to have fun and enjoy the moment.

Last 28 April 2016, my good friend and organization batch mate, who is also a member of the UP Photos, Mel Mabute agreed to be my photographer. We are really good friends and I believe that he would be able to guide me about the different poses I should do and of course be able to show my best sides.

Here’s how it turned out ->


In the end, it wasn’t like how I imagined it. It turned out so much better than being behind the scenes. I liked how everything was about me and how i looked. I’m happy I was able to try being a model for once. I suggest you guys try it too! Release the inner model in you and hey! You might just have what it takes!

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  1. Great shots! All looks fab but the last pic would have to be my favorite. 👍 Good job, modelling! I know the feeling of prefering to be behind the camera because I too, is to shy and awkward whenever the camera points at me. 😊😄

  2. Good on you to pursue being in front of the camera! As someone who’s into portrait photography it always worries me to meet a muse who’s a little camera shy. Your confidence shone in this photo set. Good luck on your next shoot! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Nadine! I’m so happy you got to check this story! I was wondering if ever you could give some of your tips regarding photography and what you say to direct your models. I’d love to be able to improve on this! Much love! ❤️

  3. You’re fabulous! <3 By the way, I'm sorry if you would find this kind of stalkerish, but I found out from your Instagram account that you're taking Development Communication in UPLB. Do you happen to know Marianne Palle? I think she's in the same course as yours. She's an incoming junior, I think. 😉

  4. It’s not the photos that I think is the biggest takeaway here. You could look fabulous, fantastic or even horrible, and it doesn’t matter. The biggest takeaway is taking a step outside of your comfort zone. It’s a mental thing, it’s attitude, and when you apply that same attitude in other aspects of life, then see how far you can take yourself.

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