5 Ways: Turn Your Bad Morning Upside Down


 It’s 5:30 in the morning and you find yourself at the wrong side of the bed. The buzzing sound of your alarm, the morning light shining at your face and the voice of your mom ringing through your ears as she tries to wake you up, everything seems so irritating to you this morning. You can still feel the tiredness of your eyes from all the stalking and instagramming that you did all night. You sigh heavily, regretting about your decision to sleep 4 hours after midnight and wishing you could turn back time. You wish you could shut everything out and go back to bed, but you can’t. Either you have school or you have something important to accomplish today, point is you can’t go back to sleep and this is already making you crazy. Today will officially suck, you tell yourself, not realizing that you could still turn this around.

Waking up being mad at the world is actually very common for most of us. This may be because of an all-nighter you’ve had reviewing for an exam, quiz or a project or simply just goofing around with social media or playing online/offline games. This could also be because of a hangover from all the alcohol you drank and dancing you’ve done. For the ladies, it’s possible that the “mad at the world” feeling is due to the fact that you’re nearing your period or you’re already having it. Some people feel tired after a full day of intense workouts. Regardless of the reasons why you’re having such a bad morning, one should remember that everything and anything that you’re feeling (If it’s not because of health or body pains) can be tricked into changing to another feeling of a more positive value. It’s all in the mind my friend, and it can still be better. Trust me!

For example, you having such a bad morning and thinking that you’ll have it wrong for the rest of the day can still be transformed into a “bad at first but becoming better” feeling.

Here’s how:

1. Pray (for believers) or Be thankful (for non-believers)

Before doing anything after waking up, it’s really a mood booster when you find the time to give thanks to whatever it is that you believe in. May it be a higher being or a certain God, it is always easy to forget about whats bothering you whenever you say your prayers and give thanks for still being able to wake up. If you’re a non-believer, being thankful about the things that you have received or accomplished can be the reason to feel better in the morning. You can thank yourself for being strong enough to survive all the challenges you’ve faced or be appreciative of the family and friends that had stood beside you through everything. This has always been my #1 technique whenever I find myself hating the world in the morning and so far it’s been doing wonders. If you find yourself not wanting to do this then move down to #2.


2. Exercise

And NO. I do not mean the intense 3 hour push-up, crunches and jumping jacks combination. You know, just moving your arms and legs a little. Maybe jog before showering or go up and down the stairs for 3 times. It doesn’t matter what you do, the important thing is that you get to sweat it out and get a move on. Not only will you feel awake (because of all the moving) you also get to feel much better when you’re done. Exercising if you don’t already know, is important to keep your muscles and body parts functioning well. What better way to start the day than getting fit and sweating it out? You’ll instantly feel better, so why not, right?


3. Listen and Dance to Upbeat Music

I always find myself feeling a lot better whenever I play upbeat songs. Remember Emma Stone’s movie, Easy A, where she dances along Natasha Bedingfields’ “Pocketful of sunshine”? That’s how I want you to imagine it. No matter how bad your day has started or is turning, I’m most definitely sure that you’ll feel a little less angry and more energized when you dance to the music. Pro-tip: Browse on Spotify and follow Party Playlists. It will do wonders for your mood.

4. Take a shower

This my friends, is non-negotiable. Not only is this going to do amazing things for your hygiene and self-esteem (for the day), it would also be great to wash away all your dirty vibes and start anew. I know a lot of people, who because of reasons like they’re too lazy or they don’t have time, disregard this item and find themselves feeling down or irritated at things they don’t normally dislike. Just like what old people usually say, “for you to share positive energy towards others, you must start being positive from within” I would love to believe that they also mean — you should shower and spread clean and happy energy”

5. Eat Your Breakfast



There are times when you really don’t get the chance to eat this particular meal. Maybe it’s because you usually need to leave your apartment early, so you wouldn’t be late for school or for work. Maybe you wake up too late and you think you’ve already skipped this one out. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whoever decided that saying knew that in order for us to think well, make good decisions and get our bodies to function at its best, we need to give our bodies the fuel it needs. This may not immediately brighten up your day, but slowly and surely you’ll thank yourself later for having eaten your breakfast. Trust me on this.

When all else fails. . .

Alas, if after doing everything on this list and you’re still feeling down or angry at the world, I suggest you pause for awhile -> Breathe In and Out ->  grab your phone and call the most important person in your life. This may be your best friend, your mom or someone really special. Tell them how you feel and ask them what you should do. Sometimes, all one needs is someone to listen and to understand. If this doesn’t make you feel better, I don’t know what will.

Have you experienced something like this? If yes, tell us about it and maybe you can add how you fixed your little problem. If not then you should share why you’re always having a good morning. Would love to hear all about it. Cheers!

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