7 Reasons Why Having Time for Yourself Matters

I have recently met a friend from the city  who asked me a surprising question that I have never thought I would hear. He said, “Are you ever alone? It seems like you have so many friends and very interesting stories that I can’t seem to imagine you being alone and not doing anything”

I didn’t understand what he was aiming at by saying this but quite frankly,  I was flattered. I realized that I’m actually always alone (this is not in anyway emotional or sad). I answered him by saying that most of those time alone, I seem to honestly enjoy them. I then continued on by telling him that I didn’t know why I had enjoyed being alone. Two hours later and while I was on the way home, my mind kept on making reasons as to why I prefer and enjoy being alone. Sadly I wouldn’t be able to text all of these to my friend but fortunately I had a blog that can share my thoughts.

Here are the 7 reasons why having time for yourself matters:

Alone surrounded by people – taken by Gabriela Cadampog, friend

1. You get to discover yourself

Most of the time, whenever you’re with family or friends, you never get to really listen to yourself or what you want. We are so engaged with other people’s stories, interests and emotions that we never get to ask ourselves what we really want or feel. Being alone and going out on your own, maybe dining or writing at a cafe, gives you a chance to listen to yourself and decide what your interests are (If you haven’t already). The process of knowing and discovering yourself is long and tedious. For most people, it doesn’t happen overnight and would require days and days of contemplation. If you’re having trouble with deciding for yourself and would like to strengthen your self esteem and confidence, I suggest you take a day or two to go out and explore your inner thoughts.


2. See the world on your own perspective

I only have 4 words for you under this item and these are: “THE WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL”. If you haven’t already looked around you, then you’re missing out on life. And I don’t mean to spend money on a cruise or a flight to the most romantic cities. For us busy-bees, students and anyone who’s into the 7-5 grind, we don’t really get to enjoy our surroundings and the beauty it holds. Go out of your apartment, leave the comforts of your couch and wifi connection and actually breathe the fresh air outside (Unless if you’re located near highways and factories, that may be bad for you). Take advantage of the energy and inspirational boost that nature and sunlight can provide for you. Maybe nature wouldn’t able to solve your problems, but they can surely freshen you up and de-stress your worries away.

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UPLB Botanical Gardens – taking little steps

3. Recharge your social batteries

If you’re one of those people who can socialize and interact with people 24/7 then this item is not for you. But of you’re like me, who’s definitely an extrovert but needs to recharge my social batteries then hey, welcome to the club! Interacting and socializing with friends and family is never going to be a chore for us but admit it sometimes we get tired of it and would love to spend some quality time on our own — WITHOUT PEOPLE. We absorb so much energy, may it be positive or negative from other people that sometimes it drains us and tire us out. Unless you want to freak out on your friends or explode from emotional overload then I suggest you take some time to recharge and renew yourself.


4. Plan for the future

Nothing beats preparing for your future and writing it all out on your planner while you’re all alone. Not only does being alone give you the privacy and confidentiality that you need for yourself but it also allows you to remember all those things you needed and wanted to do before forgetting about it due to your hectic schedule. Trust me, no one can decide whats best for you than yourself, when you plan out what your dreams, goals and aspirations are, it’s going to be easier for you to direct all your actions towards those dreams and goals. With friends, you would probably too busy gossiping and or taking photos to actually plan your life out. Yikes.


5. Detach yourself from negative people

You probably have a certain friend (frenemy or boss) who’s always into releasing nega-vibes and apparent sadness into the world. Maybe, just like me, you tried to understand and wait until the nega storm passes but for some people, this never stops. For the goody-two-shoes in you who would never leave or unfriend a nega-tron it is probably best if you take a day or two away from this person. DISCLAIMER: It is not un friending, just resting. You don’t know how much energy we receive from other people, negative energy has the ability to influence what you think and feel. Whether you would allow it or not, negative energy from people close to us can influence our decisions and words. If you find yourself surprisingly being pessimistic or just plain sad, then maybe you need to take some time alone.


6. Gather inspiration and improve creativity

You would surely understand this if you’re into a particular form of art or music. Inspiration can be difficult to collect when you’re in a busy room filled with noise and buzzing. Usually, all one needs to gain inspiration is some time alone and immersion into nature. Maybe you can visit a garden or a museum, or just sit in the park and look into the sky. Peace and quiet can do a lot for a person and understanding this would take you to places. If you find yourself empty for words and having trouble with finding inspiration, maybe a walk all alone can help.


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Freemantle, Perth Australia

7. Practice being independent

All my life, I have been with my family or friends whenever I would go out. Eating at restaurants and cafes, I would decide what I want and let them handle the rest (ordering, interacting with people and all that talking). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike interacting and I love speaking but there was just something about letting other people handle all the talking if you didn’t have to. Unfortunately for me, when you reach the same age and maturity as I have, you will find yourself not always in the company of people or friends. College brings out the independent and strong qualities in all of us and when that time comes, you would have to learn how to be able to handle the challenges of life on your own. This means, commuting on your own, knowing what is appropriate and what is not when you’re in a public place, talking to strangers, asking for help and all that independent stuff. If you’re one of the sheltered and overly-protected teens or adults, then maybe having an adventure on your own would do wonders for yourself and your maturity. There is this certain feel of glory when you have survived your very first solo adventure. This would definitely improve your confidence, bravery and street smart qualities.


When you don’t want to be alone

There is nothing wrong with never wanting to be alone. I know for a fact that there are people who would always wish to be in the company of other people and declines time alone but for those who are done with the socializing and the interactions, maybe spending time with yourself is all you need. The best feeling in the world is when you find out who you are and what you like, whether you do this with the help of your friends or on your own, your future self will definitely thank you for giving the effort to discover who you really are.


BONUS: You get to meet new people, animals or places

When you fly solo, you open up yourself to whatever the world has to offer. May it be the people you walk by or the animals you see around, being alone increases your chance to actually get to interact with new people you have not met. Say hello to the cafe barista that you always see, or that cutie sitting across you at the library or hey, go to the park and play with all the pets and owners that are taking a stroll. There are a lot of possibilities, maybe if you were lucky enough, you may spot your soulmate.

What about you? What are the reasons why you like being alone? Share it with me and comment on this post, I would love to hear from you. Cheers!


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UCLA, Perth Australia
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