Ballet Manila’s Cinderella, Making Dreams and Magic a Reality

Ballet Manila’s Cinderella, Making Dreams and Magic a Reality

Love, dreams, magic and “A Happily Ever After“. Ballet Manila has once again awakened the dreamer within me, rekindling my passion for the arts and igniting my inner desires to be part of a Ballet performance. Aliw Theater has been enchanted once more as they showcase the beautiful and classical story of Cinderella and how she has reached her dreams. Together with Prince Charming, The Fairy godmother, Her Adorable animal friends and her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters, Lisa Macuja Elizalde’s Cinderella will make you and your family fall in love, laugh with the Stepmother’s antics and remember the good ol’ days when fairy tales were all you ever needed to watch and it was perfect.

(All photos were taken and edited by me)

I honestly never thought I would have this much fun. I repeat, THIS – MUCH – FUN. I wasn’t even able to look at the time on my watch or my phone. When the show started, I immediately had my eyes glued at whatever was happening on the stage — Clapping at stunts, cheering at moves, laughing at funny scenes, “Ultra Kilig” for Cinderella and the Prince. It sounds so cliche, but the show literally lasted like a blink of an eye. One minute, the curtains were just rising to begun and then the next, the cast were saying their goodbyes. I guess time really does pass by whenever you’re having fun. 

The moral of the story? Sneak out of your house at night and ride a weird but magical carriage to attend a party and meet some boys. . . Just kidding!

So if ever you’re wondering why I had SO – MUCH – FUN, here are the 5 things I loved about Ballet Manila’s Cinderella;

1. The Costumes and Props – I know, I know, costumes are always supposed to be beautiful whenever there are plays and concerts, but hey! Cinderella’s costumes were more leveled-up than other shows. Why? Well, not only were they colorful, magical and beautifully made, they were also part of the choreography and the story as a whole. From the brooms to the gowns to the glass slippers, each and every prop had a part in telling the story and the whole time I was watching, I wished I could also have some at home with me. (Especially those gowns)

2. The Acting and Dancing – There’s a really big difference with just dancing and just acting. You could determine if someone on the stage is just dancing or just acting and most of the time, It’s really difficult to do both. But with Ballet Manila’s Cinderella, everyone on stage was both Dancing and Acting— complete with the appropriate facial expression and the swift hand gestures that all mixed together with the scene of the story. Everyone was so immersed with the story that even the audience would think that they were also part of the story. (I know, I did.) You could really tell that the people behind the production were all well trained, had practiced real hard and is really dedicated to their craft. Bravo! 

3. My most favorite of all – The Stepmother – I laughed so hard when she started dancing at the beginning, not because she was doing anything wrong but because her stage presence was so strong that you would immediately notice if anything was changing in her facial expressions or appearance. The stepmother had brought color and fun to the show, not only with her amazing dancing but also with her funny antics that was intended to make you hate her but ended up making you cheer for her more. She was also very consistent, starting the show strong and ending it strong.

4. The Stage effects – One word, Three Letters – WOW. Not only were they eye catching and appealing, every stage effects had everyone on the audience clapping and waiting for the next big happening. From the interesting backdrops of the living room and the palace to the beautiful lights and sounds of the scenes, each element were crucial to the success of the show and Tbh, they did not disappoint.

5. Last but not the least, The Message of the story – “No matter how your heart is aching, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” Cinderella did not fail on inspiring all of us, both children and adults to keep chasing our dreams and working hard to finally make it come true. See, if Cinderella never believed, then perhaps she’s still captive at that fireplace, working for her stepmother and sisters. Also, Kindness and Sincerity — Fairy godmothers and magical carriages aside, the prince fell in love with Cinderella not because of her flashy entourage and her “pak ganern” outift, but because she was real and that she wasn’t like any of the other girls at the ball — and also because of her killer ballet moves. (Hehe)

BONUSAudience Participation – I gasp and cheered when I saw the Prince with his soldiers walking at the Audience Aisle, dancing while holding Cinderella’s slipper and looking for his one true love. It was fun and interactive how he went to different rows and asked different girls to try on the Glass slipper, hoping to find the mystery girl she met and fell in love with at the party. Kudos to whoever thought of that, it worked!

Love, Dreams, Magic and “A Happily Ever After”, mixed together with creative designs and magnificent muscial scores, Lisa Macuja Elizalde’s Cinderella by Ballet Manila was short yet meaningful. Dreams, just like what Cinderella had really does come true, all you have to do is believe. (And maybe, have a Fairy Godmother.)

It was magical and at the end of the show, I had the chance to take a photo with the cast. Look at how adorable this photo is. 

Your dreams are certainly worth it and someday they may actually come true, but for now, just like me, rekindle your passion and dreams by catching Ballet Manila’s Cinderella at Aliw Theater on these dates – November 26 and December 3, 2016 at 8:00PM and November 27 and December 4 2016 at 3:00 PM.

PS : This would not have been possible without the love and dedication of Ballet Manila and ARC Public Relations. I would like to thank Ms. Krissy for the opportunity and for being fabulous at all times. 
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  1. Wow! You are so lucky to have watched this performance. We were supposed to watch as well but we were not able to go because I called Ballet Manila last week to ask if a 2-year old baby needs to buy a full-priced ticket as well. The lady I talked to on the phone said she will call me back but she never did. I would gladly watch the show and pay in full but not for my baby daughter. I just want to see if she would like it so I will know if I will enroll her for Ballet Manila’s toddler class. Maybe I need to call back again. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Nice, Chardy.

    I am curious. Do the theater get filled up with people? Kasi we all know how good our local artists are. Tama ka, it’s not simply dancing and singing, kailangan mai-convey ang emotion. Anyway, we have the best artists in the world, pero ballet has not really gone mainstream.

  3. This is beautiful. Ballet + Cinderella is certainly magical. These are two of my favorites when I was a kid since I started ballet lessons when I was 5.

    I would really love to watch their show next time since currently, I am in Bacolod. Will follow their page to get updates the next time.


  4. Beautiful beautiful photos! Would really love to see this cause I love Cinderella buy any show would be lovely. I’m contemplating on whether I should go to Nutcracker or not hehe. So tempting after seeing your post!!

  5. I always wanted to watch musicals. From what you presented, I can really imagine what’s happening. I have this weird feeling that the step mother is a guy. Beautiful photos too!

  6. I believe you that it looks spectacular. I rarely watch musicals, but this seems interesting as it’s ballet + Cinderella. The photos you’ve presented looks so wonderful. I also love how they incorporated audience participation to make the show more interesting. If we have the time and the show is still running, I’ll try to watch it.

  7. Ive never watched theater performances in my entire life. I felt so left behind, char! Hehehe! This is nice! It was a dream to be able to see Ballet Manila Live. During my childhood ive always wanted to be a ballerina and i can’t imagine my excitement if ever il be seeing this live! I hope i can watch it next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I actually watched Cinderella just the other day with my family. We saw the movie at home from our couch, but we liked it anyway, it brings up childhood memories. I guess it would be a different experience watching it from a different take as a ballet. I like your pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. this is a great Christmas treat.. I was able to watch their Rebel few months ago so I know this is another spectacular performance! Hopefully, I’ll get another chance to watch their show!

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